FBLA District IV Spring Conference Results:
Lauren Goins
Monday, February 11, 2019

Picture of FBLA Students

FBLA District IV Spring Conference Results

2019-20 District IV Officers
Courtney Mayberry – Treasurer
Lea Ellison Phelps - Secretary

5th Place
Guthrie, Melanie – Digital Citizenship

4th Place
Allen, John – Business Math & Financial Literacy
Dawson, Grace – Introduction to Parliamentary Procedures
Griffe, Natalie & Tutor, Ellie – Desktop Publishing
Nanthalangsy, Ryan – Introduction to Computer Science & Coding
Nanthalangsy, Ryan – Three Minute Timings
Nevens, Marissa – FBLA Principles & Procedures
Stockton, Abby – One Minute Timings
Sheridan Jr. High School – Largest Chapter

3rd Place
Campbell, Hunter – Mr. FBL
Eckert, John – Digital Citizenship
Gunter, Egan – Introduction to Computer Science & Coding
Hardin, Emma – Spelling
Wheat, Emily – Creed
Kilburn, Callie – FBLA Principles & Procedures

2nd Place
Mayberry, Zoe – Ms. FBL
Horton, Kaitlyn – Computer Concepts
Osorto, Amelio – Introduction to Computer Science & Coding

1st Place
Boykin, Reece – Digital Citizenship
Davidson, Emma – Business Letters
Davidson, Emma – Talent Show
Eckert, John – Business Etiquette
Fisher, Mason – Public Speaking
Gunter, Egan – Career Exploration
Horton, Kaitlyn – Spreadsheet
Szeflinski, Nalalie, Mayberry, Courtney, & Nevens, Marissa – Computer Slide Show
Rainbolt, McKinzee – Manuscripts
Szeflinski, Alexis - Job Interview
Szeflinski, Alexis – Multimedia & Website Development
Thurman, Kailey – Introduction to Business Communication
Trammell, Kaitlyn – Elevator Speech
Vang, Shoshiana – Keyboarding Application I