Meal Prices


Regular Meal Price$1.35
Reduced Meal Price$0.30
Adult Meal Price$2.10
Extra Milk$0.55
Extra Juice$0.35


Regular Meal Price (K-6)$2.20
Regular Meal Price (7-12)$2.20
Reduced Meal Price$0.40
Adult Meal Price$3.50
Extra Milk$0.55
Extra Juice$0.35

Free and Reduced Lunches

To qualify for free and reduced lunches, an application must be filled out, one per household with each student listed and returned to the school office or cafeteria office. Applications will be reviewed and approved or disapproved according to federal guidelines. Click here to view more information about these guidelines.

Students who qualified for the program last year will continue on the program for the first 30 days of the new school year. Free and reduced meal prices only apply to first servings, students who receive second trays will be charged an adult meal price. Parents are invited and encouraged to periodically join their students in dining in the cafeteria.

Applications are available at each school office. You may also apply for free and reduced meals with our online application. Click the link below for the online application.

Free & Reduced Meal Online Application

Meal Charges & Alternative Meals

The district does not provide credit for students to charge for meals, a la carte, or other food and beverage items available for purchase in the school food service areas. Meals, a la carte, or other food and beverage items may be purchased by either providing payment for the items at the time of receipt or by having a prepaid account with the District that may be charged for the items. Parents, or students choosing to do so, may pay in advance for meals, a la carte, or other food and beverage items through any of the following methods:

  • Submitting cash or check payment at the cafeteria’s or in lock boxes, located by the school office. Student's first and last name is required.
  • Depositing funds through the District’s online service; at EZschoolpay.com.

The District provides alternative meals at no cost to students whose accounts do not have enough funds to purchase a meal. Alternative meals are available during regular serving time.

  • Alternative Breakfast provided: graham crackers and milk
  • Alternative lunch provided: cheese sandwich, fruit and milk

For more information about meal charges and alternative meals, please view the full policies at the link below:

Meal Charges and Alternative Meals Policies