October - December 2017

Oct. 11

The land has been cleared, and we are finalizing the working drawings for East End Middle School.

Nov. 17

Sheridan School District Officially Breaks Ground on the High School Addition

Sheridan High School Breaks Ground on $25 Million Addition

SHERIDAN, Ark. —Today at 1:30 p.m., the Sheridan School District celebrated the commencement of construction on the $25 million, 148,000 sq. ft., two-story addition to Sheridan High School.

The new construction will feature Career Technical Education classrooms, including a robotics lab and agri-shop; additional classrooms to move ninth grade to high school; a new library/media center; new special education classrooms; a new cafeteria/dining area that will seat up to 750 people; and a new gymnasium, which will be large enough to host state tournaments.

"Today marks the start of something great and life changing for our community," Superintendent Jerrod Williams said at the ceremony. "It also marks the culmination of many meetings, tours, site visits -- and many more meetings -- to get input as to what you, the Sheridan School District communities, wanted in your new high school," Williams said to nearly 1,000 students and guests.

In addition to Superintendent Williams, several individuals spoke at the event: Clayton Vaden, of Lewis Architects, the chief architect on the project; Greg Williams, the CEO of Nabholz; Jody Spann, Sheridan school board president; Rodney Williams, Sheridan High School principal; Brad Montgomery, director of Arkansas School Facilities Division; and Ellie Mayberry, student body president.

Excited for her community and the future students at Sheridan High School, Student Body President Ellie Mayberry said: "So many doors are about to be opened with these new facilities, and I cannot wait to see how those new opportunities are seized. I believe I speak for the rest of the student body when I say that we are very excited, and I know that many of us will be returning in two years to come and see all of the changes for ourselves."

Brad Montgomery, the director of Arkansas School Facilities Division, presented a “big check” to the school district in the amount of $7,572,668.65. The school district is receiving this funding as part of the State Partnership program.

To culminate the ceremony, several legislators, students, school officials and other community members officially broke ground with shovels adorned in blue and gold ribbons. Assistant Principal Terri Bone surprised the audience, as she operated a bulldozer in the background while the Sheridan High School Band played the school's fight song.

Nov. 17, 2017, will be known as a historic day for Sheridan, Ark.

Nov. 29

The land in front of the high school has been cleared for construction to begin on the new high school addition. In order to build the addition, the district removed the sidewalks located in front of the building. Much of these sidewalks included the engravings of graduates' names from the following years: 1971-1973; 1975; 1980 – 1987. Pictures of the sidewalks were taken by Gifted and Talented / AP Coordinator Roy Wilson before the sidewalks were removed. The photos are shown on the Powerpoint slideshow below. Click on the picture to view the slides. The practice of recording names of graduates on the sidewalks discontinued in 2004 due to the cost of upkeep and the sidewalks’ vulnerability to weather damage. Due to the deterioration of the sidewalks, several names were no longer legible when these photos were taken.

SHS Sidewalks Removed During Construction