Your success in Advanced Placement can lead to a better future!

How? By seriously applying your study skills in these college-level courses while in high school, you may receive college credit if you earn a qualifying score of a 3, 4, or 5 on AP Exams given each May.

Are you that energetic, involved, and motivated student made for AP?

Yes, these classes are more challenging and stimulating, and will generally take more time and work to complete, but the benefits are measurable! At College Board’s insistence, enrollment is open to any student able and willing to accept the increased rigor found in AP.

That is increasingly important due to the high cost of university courses that students, through disciplined study, can overcome with success in our AP program. Several students each year earn enough college credit while at SHS, either on AP Exams or through concurrent courses, to erase the first semester of college, and in some cases, the entire freshman year saving thousands of dollars!

Each year several SHS students receive AP Scholar awards based on their cumulative AP Exam success. These awards begin at the AP Scholar level and continue through AP Scholar with Honor, Distinction, and AP National Scholar levels. These awards look great on applications to colleges and universities!

Additional benefits of taking AP courses are:

  • Better prepared for college with better chances of college graduation
  • Acquisition of higher-level academic skills
  • Weighted grades for entire year enrollment/seriously taking AP exam
  • Increased self-confidence through developing higher skill levels
  • College admission officers look very positively on AP coursework
  • Foreign study could replace the semester opened due to AP success
  • Skills of students needed for Advanced Placement courses:
  • Perceptive and independent reading ability
  • Able to analyze content, synthesize and make cogent evaluations
  • Reasoning through problems
  • Proficient in writing clear, concise essays several pages in length
  • Motivation, self-discipline, and academic preparation
  • 4 Historical Thinking Skills
  • Disciplinary Practices

“Students who are not skilled in these areas must be even more highly motivated to make up deficiencies at the same time they are taking more rigorous courses. The earlier students prepare for AP by taking the most rigorous Pre-AP classes available, the more likely they find success.”

Sheridan High School offers the following Advanced Placement courses:

AP Art History AP Physics 1: Algebra Based
AP Studio Art 2-D AP Environmental Science
AP Studio Art Drawing AP Music Theory
AP Biology AP Psychology
AP Calculus AP Spanish
AP Chemistry AP Statistics
AP English Language (11th grade)AP U S History
AP English Literature (12th grade)
AP World History
AP U.S. Government & PoliticsAP Computer Science Principles

(Sophomores may choose AP World History or AP Art History)

For additional information, please access:

www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/about.html or contact:

Summer Williams, GT/AP Coordinator, 870-917-2454

summerwilliams@sheridanschools.org Sheridan School District

512 West Church Street, Sheridan, AR 72150