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In adherence to Governor Asa Hutchinson's directive, the Sheridan School District will remain closed for online instruction through the end of the school year to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Arkansas. We will continue to provide instruction through our digital learning plan. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we navigate through these challenging times. The following information details how the Sheridan School District will continue operations during this extended school closure.


The Sheridan School District transitioned to a digital learning platform on April 2. District faculty and staff have been contacting families to make arrangements so that we can ensure families have the resources necessary for students to participate in a digital learning experience. We transitioned to a digital learning experience so that we can provide a more interactive and engaging method for student learning during this extended closure. When we developed the original AMI plan, we had not anticipated using the AMI packets for an extended period of time. The AMI packets were designed to reinforce information and skills students had already learned in class. While that is sufficient for a brief closure, we do not believe it is enough to push student learning forward. Our new distance learning plan is designed to reinforce AND introduce learning material.

Through digital learning, teachers provide instruction through videos, live streaming software, and/or Google Classroom. Exact methods vary by grade level. Families should have received specific details from their child’s teacher(s). Teachers and staff will make direct contact with families by phone throughout this process to check in and provide additional support.


Grade level bands will use a consistent platform to provide education. This is an effort to streamline the process for our students and families.

  • K-12: Google Hangout Meet to provide live streaming and capture video
  • Pre-K and K: Google Doc with links to videos and assignments (This will be shared through the district SMS, posted to the district webpage, and/or sent through Remind/Bloomz)
  • Grades 1-12: Google Classroom platform to create blended learning instruction


Lessons and assignments will focus on the critical standards needed for each core content area. The recommended guidelines for student commitment each day are as follows:

  • Pre-K: 30 minutes per day
  • Grades K-2: 60 minutes per day
  • Grades 3-5: 90 minutes per day
  • Grades 6-11: 120 minutes per day
  • Grade 12: AMI assignments will focus on graduation

Teachers will provide 2-3 lessons per week of each core content area (English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies) alternating 2 subjects per day. Instruction will be shared online through videos, assignments, and google hangout. Instruction and assignments should not require the use of a printer/copier.



Art, Music, Library, and PE will post a minimum of one lesson per week. These lessons are optional, however, students benefit from these experiences and consistencies in their schedule.


Each non-core classroom teacher will post one lesson per week to be completed. Responses and feedback will be provided.


The physical education department is working to provide students K - 12 with optional daily activities to encourage healthy habits and activities.


SSD Coaches are communicating with their athletes to provide physical conditioning exercises and routines to prepare them for upcoming seasons.


The Sheridan School District has distributed Chromebooks to those families who responded to our Technology Survey and reported they do not have a device at home for their children to use for distance learning.

We understand that not every family has access to the Internet at home. We have set up Safe Learning Zones in the parking lots at each of our campuses and other hotspots throughout our district. Click here for a list of WiFi Hotspot locations. You and your student are able to drive to one of these hotspots to download instructional videos from your teachers and upload completed assignments. Though our teachers will be using live streaming tools to interact with their classes, we understand not every student will be able to participate in the livestream, so all necessary instructional content will be available for viewing at any time.

Our teachers are aware that many students did not have access to a device or Internet before digital learning began on April 2. We do not want you and your students to stress about falling behind on this coursework. We will be flexible. All of our teachers, parents, and students will need some time to adjust to this different method for teaching and learning. We are committed to doing the best we can to continue student learning through this school closure, but we understand each family has its own unique challenges.

If you need technical assistance with our digital learning tools, contact our Technology Department at 870-942-2422.

Information about letter grades

The emphasis for schoolwork right now is on learning, not compliance. We understand that students are receiving different and often reduced levels of support than they are accustomed to and that they may need time and help to adjust to remote systems of learning. To that end, the district will evaluate student learning for the 4th quarter using a standards-based approach rather than a letter grading system. This is how we have been evaluating student learning in grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade for several years now. Students in grades 4 - 12 will receive a letter grade on their report card for the 4th quarter, but that 4th quarter grade will be a reflection of the 3rd quarter grade. Please see more detailed information about letter grades at the links below.

High School 
Middle School
Intermediate School
Elementary School


The Sheridan School District used AMI packets Day 2 - 10 to make up for the first nine days missed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to access the AMI Packets. We will accept AMI packets AMI Days 2 - 10 until April 20. You may wait to submit them all at one time. AMI packets will be accepted through the methods listed below. Before submitting, be sure to write your child’s name and teacher on the packets.

-- Mail to student’s campus.

-- Deliver to any campus drop box located at campus entrances, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

-- Scan and email to your child’s teacher (secondary students can email to their advisory teachers). Images of the pages taken from your phone will be sufficient to email to your teacher.


We understand there are many families in need within our community, and it is an honor to serve our families by providing free meals to children in the area. We will continue to serve Grab-and-Go meals throughout the school closure. Meals will be provided for children up to age 18 at the front entrances of Sheridan High School and East End Middle School. Meals can be picked up from 10:45 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Children do not have to attend Sheridan Schools to participate.

We have made arrangements for bus drivers to deliver meals to those families who are unable to pick up lunches at EEM or SHS. If your child is in need of meals and you cannot pick them up at EEM and SHS, please contact the Transportation office at 870-942-5522 or email Rhonda Harris at rhondaharris@sheridanschools.org.


We want to continue to support our students with their mental health needs. If your child needs to speak to a counselor or needs access to a mental health professional, please contact your child’s campus.


According to the Arkansas Department of Education, high school seniors who are on track to graduate and in good standing as of the third nine weeks reporting period will be considered as "meeting the graduation requirements" for the state of Arkansas. However, it is not ADE’s position that seniors are automatically finished, since there are other considerations, such as concurrent credit courses, CTE industry certifications, ACT prep, and also determinations as to whether a senior is on track. Districts may have additional requirements for specific designations upon graduation or opportunities for seniors to continue engagement for the remainder of the school year.

Click here for more detailed information for seniors


Please read the message below from the superintendent.

March 23, 2020

Dear Class of 2020,

First off, we want you to know that we love you! The entire #YJNation is proud of your hard work, accomplishments, and perseverance. Like you, we are disappointed with the way your senior year is coming to a close. We recognize that you will be missing out on many memories due to the school closure, and we feel for you!

Many of you have asked about how the school closure will affect prom and graduation. At this time, all we know for certain is that these two events will be postponed. As you are probably aware, we receive new information and guidance regarding COVID-19 from our government every day. We will monitor the situation closely and stay in contact with you as we know more.

Be assured that no matter what the future holds, we will celebrate you and all that you mean to #YJNation!


Superintendent Jerrod Williams


Although our campuses are closed, we will have limited staff in our buildings to continue essential operations and answer phones. Should you have any questions or need assistance, you may contact our offices, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Sheridan Elementary School
707 Ridge Drive
Sheridan, AR 72150
PH: 870-942-3131

East End Elementary
21801 Ach Street
Little Rock, AR 72206
PH: 501-888-4264

Sheridan Intermediate School
708 Ridge Drive
Sheridan, AR 72150
PH: 870-942-7488

East End Intermediate
5205 West Sawmill
Little Rock, AR 72206
PH: 501-888-1477

Sheridan Middle School
500 North Rock Street
Sheridan, AR 72150
PH: 870-942-3813

East End Middle School
24554 Highway 167
Hensley, AR 72065
PH: 501-261-6565

Sheridan High School
700 West Vine
Sheridan, AR 72150
PH: 870-942-3137

Alternative Learning Academy and Special Services
510 West Church Street
Sheridan, AR 72150
PH: 870-942-9861

Central Office
400 North Rock Street
Sheridan, AR 72150
PH: 870-942-3135


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