Frequently Asked Questions: Transition to Our New Facilities

When will the new middle schools and the high school addition be open?

East End Middle School - Fall 2019

Sheridan High School Addition - Fall 2019

Sheridan Middle School - Fall 2020

What will the new campuses look like?

East End Middle School

Picture of EMS

SHS Addition

Picture of SHS Addition

Sheridan Middle School

Picture of Sheridan Middle School

Which grades will the new campuses serve?

SHS will serve grades 9-12. East End Middle School and Sheridan Middle School will serve grades 6-8. However, since Sheridan Middle School will be under construction during the 2019-2020 school year, sixth grade will stay at Sheridan Intermediate School until the 2020-2021 school year.

Where will Sheridan Middle School students attend classes while Sheridan Middle School is under construction?

The current Sheridan Junior High School has classroom space in the back that was added onto the building in recent years. This portion of the building will remain, and only the front of the building, which was built in 1963, will be demolished. We will utilize this newer space in addition to part of the old building that will be demolished during a later phase of the project. With the East End students moving to the East End campus and sixth grade staying at Sheridan Intermediate school another year, we will not have to use any portable buildings during construction.

When will the current Sheridan Junior High building be torn down? 

The demolition of the Sheridan Junior High building will take place over the summer of 2019.

Who will serve as principals at the middle school campuses?

East End Middle School Principal: Lupe Peña de Martínez (Mrs. Lupe)

EMS Assistant Principal: Alan Westfall

Sheridan Middle School Principal: Justin Rasnick

SMS Assistant Principal: Angela Douglass

Click on the following link to learn more about the new principals: http://www.sheridanschools.org/article/100086?org=district

Will we have two different sports teams for the middle schools?

No, we will still be one Yellowjacket Nation. Our students will still compete together.

Will the two middle schools offer the same courses?


Can I choose which campus my child will attend? 

To request a different campus, you may complete the In-district Transfer Form. In rare circumstances, these requests will be granted on a case by case basis depending on available space. School district transportation will not accommodate for In-District Transfer students.

The In-District Transfer Form is available at the following link: