Four new flashing school road signs will soon be placed at East End Intermediate School in an effort to make pedestrian travel for students in the area safer. The Sheridan School District has worked with Saline County to have the new signs in place in an estimated 3-5 weeks, depending on shipping time for the signs.

Two of the new signs will replace the existing school zone signs on both sides of the school on Sawmill Road as drivers approach the school from either direction. The lights will be programmed to flash at predetermined times to coincide with student drop-off in the mornings and pick-up in the afternoons. Additionally, two more signs will be added to locations in front of the school. If a person wishes to cross the street during a time when the lights aren’t already flashing, they may push a button to make the lights start. This will work similar to a crosswalk and is intended to be an alert to drivers of pedestrians crossing. The lights will be synchronized, and all will flash simultaneously.