Important Information for the Class of 2020

On April 6th, Governor Hutchinson announced that Arkansas schools would remain closed to onsite instruction through the end of the school year. Below is some information for Seniors.

According to the Arkansas Department of Education, high school seniors who are on track to graduate and are in good standing as of the third nine weeks reporting period will be considered as "meeting the graduation requirements” for the state of Arkansas.

Students in Good Standing Definition and Options

A senior in good standing has a passing grade in all classes necessary to complete graduation requirements, has completed any needed credit recovery courses, and has completed any needed concurrent credit courses. A senior in good standing must have 22 credits when the third nine weeks grades are used as a semester grade and credit is awarded.

Students in good standing but wish to obtain a higher grade can:

1. Re-do third nine week assignments to improve grades by a letter grade. Assignments must be submitted by May 1, 2020.

2. Students may turn in missing assignments from the third nine weeks to improve their final grade (and increase GPA) by May 1, 2020.

Students must contact their teachers by April 15 if they wish to improve their 3rd 9 weeks grade.

For seniors in good standing and are happy with their grades, their third quarter grade will be their final semester grade for their courses.

Sheridan High School will continue to provide instruction for any senior who desires to remain enrolled in classes. Students who choose to not remain enrolled beyond March 13, 2020 will not be at risk of their Honor Graduate status being changed. However, final class ranking and Honor Graduate status will not be determined until after May 8, 2020.

Seniors Not in Good Standing and Options

Sheridan High School will provide support for those students not on track to graduate. The staff at Sheridan High School has been and will continue communicating with seniors who are not on track to graduate to formulate a plan for the remainder of the school year. Seniors who know they are not in good standing for graduation eligibility should be very proactive in making contact with their counselor via email and not wait to be notified.


Advanced Placement (AP®) courses will continue during this time. The AP Exam schedule is linked below. AP exams will be a modified version taken at home. We will share more information once we receive an update from the College Board.

Click here for AP Exam Schedule

Concurrent Credit Courses

Since concurrent classes are for college credit, the district must follow the guidelines of the appropriate institution of higher education for each particular course. Concurrent credit payments can be mailed or dropped off at SHS from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m., Monday-Friday. There will be a drop box outside of the front entrance.

Click here for a list of courses offered for concurrent credit

Henderson State University:

Based on their accreditation requirements, Henderson State University has approved the following for our Seniors:

  • Semester courses: students will be awarded credit and pass/fail credit on HSU transcript based on 3rd quarter grades, SHS will award letter grades for SHS transcript
  • Year-long courses: students will be awarded credit and letter grade based on 3rd quarter grades
  • AP®/concurrent courses: students must take the AP exam to obtain college credit and the letter grade will be based on 3rd quarter grades

UALR (AP Lit) and SEARK (Management): Official guidance regarding final grades and the awarding of college credit will be sent to students via email at a later date. Students are expected to complete all assigned work from these teachers until further notice. ASU Three Rivers (COTO career center): Grades issued at the end of the 3rd nine weeks will be considered final on high school transcripts.

Students enrolled in courses at the Career Center are expected to continue work issued by their college instructors to receive college credit. ASU Three Rivers moved to online instruction on Monday, March 30. Grades for assigned work through the remainder of the term will affect all students’ college credit, including seniors. Instructors for these courses have sent information to students through email. Please make sure you are keeping up-to-date and reach out to your instructor or us if you have any questions.

Other Information

Prom and Graduation - Not knowing when we will be allowed to gather in large groups has made it difficult for us to plan ahead. Over the coming days, we will be gathering input from SHS families about possible options for both prom and graduation. We will gather this information through two Google Surveys. We will send out links to these surveys through our text messaging system.

Graduation items can be picked up in the circle drive of Sheridan High School on April 15 and 16, from 8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. This will be a drive-through process. Balfour will be accepting payments if a balance is owed. They will NOT accept personal checks; they can accept cash, credit card, cashiers check, Venmo, Cashapp, and Paypal. Parents can make a credit card payment BEFORE Wednesday, April 15 by calling the Balfour office and talking to Rheta at 870-535-7464. They will be able to take credit cards onsite as well.