Voluntary Student Insurance

Our 2021/22 Health Special Risk, Inc. (HSR)/Arkansas K-12 Student & Athlete Insurance Program information is provided in the documents located at https://www.hsri.com/K12_Enrollment/docs/K12EnrollmentMaterials.asp?c=MUT&s=AR.

At this link you will find the following information:

  1. Claim Form - The claim form includes instructions on how to submit a claim online, via US Mail or via email.
  2. PDF of the Brochure in English/Spanish.
  3. HSR's Online Flyer for Voluntary Student Insurance Enrollment. This flyer provides easy-to-understand instructions (in English & Spanish) and directions for enrolling online at http://www.K12StudentInsurance.com. The process is very simple. Each parent enrolling their student will receive a confirmation of coverage email and can view and download the plan benefits.
  4. HSR & Arkansas K-12 Student & Athlete Insurance Program contact information. All the names, phone numbers and email address of all the individuals involved in your insurance program are included.