Congratulations to the following students for winning chairs in the Jr High All-Region Band!
Lauren Goins
Monday, December 04, 2017

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Congratulations to the following students for winning chairs in the Junior High All-Region Band! 

Erin Kaucher - 1st band, 5th chair, flute
Hannah Harris - 2nd band, 6th chair, flute
Jasmine Vang - 2nd band, 9th chair, flute
Sarah Aycock - 1st band, 2nd chair, clarinet
Joel Scott - 1st band, 19th chair, clarinet
Kalie Howard - 2nd band, 16th chair, clarinet
Laney Freeland - 2nd band, 25th chair, clarinet
Lexi Peck - 1st band, 1st chair, bass clarinet
Lauren Wagner - 1st band, 2nd chair, bass clarinet
Ryan Baugh - 1st band, 3rd chair, bass clarinet
Ellie Tutor - 2nd band, 2nd chair, bass clarinet
Samuel Spann - 2nd band, 2nd chair, alto saxophone
Jody Barnes - 1st band, 1st chair, tenor saxophone
Hannah Her - 1st band, 2nd chair, tenor saxophone
Zoe Mayberry - 1st band, 6th chair, french horn
Kaitlyn Horton - 2nd band, 7th chair, french horn
Kelli Taylor - 2nd band, 8th chair, french horn
Seth Loyd - 1st band, 4th chair, trumpet
Tully Key - 1st band, 5th chair, trumpet
Salvador Quero -1st band, 6th chair, trumpet
Zack Abaza - 2nd band, 4th chair, trumpet
Ruthie Reaves - 1st band, 3rd chair, trombone
Emily Wheat - 2nd band, 6th chair, euphonium
Ashton Arnold - 1st band, 8th chair, tuba
Rhett Felton - 2nd band, 3rd chair, tuba
Ethan Johnson - 1st band, 9th chair, percussion
Nate Johnson - 2nd band, 5th chair, percussion
Averi Tindle - 2nd band, 9th chair, percussion