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EEM - S'Mores learners applied their knowledge of ecosystems and economics to fish in the "commons" competing against other groups to "catch" the most fish. They then calculated their credits, debits, and overall balance for each year, then graphed their data. The goal was to earn the most money without wiping out their fish populations. Congratulations to our winners: Emily Young (left), Rebecca Solano (middle), and Rogue Brangan (right)! View Image

2 days ago East End Middle School

SSD Parents of Athletes (Grades 7-12): DragonFly has requested that no current/updated physicals be uploaded to their site until end of year data rollover is completed. We will notify you as soon as they are ready to accept updated physicals. Upcoming 7th Grade Football: Students going into 7th grade next year who are interested in playing football, please contact your school office to sign up. SMS and EEM have 7th Grade Football Packets in the office that include information about summer practices, physicals, etc.

5 days ago Sheridan Schools
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Sunday 20 June 2021


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