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EEE 2nd grade students, this message is from Mrs. Boatright: Last week we read and discussed a book called Potato Pants. Now is a great time to be creative and make a potato pants of your own! See the revised instructions for more details.

11 days ago Sheridan Schools

EEE students, this message is from your librarian, Mrs. Boatright: BoBo Gumballs and Sammi are missing you! We hope you are reading some great books and would like to share about them. You can share by completing the book blurb sheet and asking your mom or dad to post a picture of it on social media using the hashtag #EEEReads. You can also email a picture to Mrs. Boartright at Below is a link to the blurb sheet. If you can't print this off, you can use regular paper. Happy Reading!!

12 days ago Sheridan Schools
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Monday 30 March 2020