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East End Parents: We are aware of the water issue in East End. We still plan on our East End schools being open tomorrow. Please send bottled waters with your children. We also will have bottled waters available for our students. The kitchen is prepared for these types of situations. Breakfast and lunch will be served. We will be monitoring the situation and will let you know if something changes. At this time, we do not think school will need to be canceled in East End, but if that changes, we will send out an SSD Alert.

1 day ago Sheridan Schools

Sheridan schools WILL BE OPEN tomorrow (1/19/18) with a 2-hour delay. Classes will begin at 10 a.m. Bus routes may take longer than usual. 7 bus routes have been adjusted to ensure safety. Click on the following link for details of these adjustments: Please be safe and take your time tomorrow.

4 days ago Sheridan Schools
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Tuesday 23 January 2018