Act 951 of 2005 requires that each school district shall have a committee on personnel policies for classified employees which consist of at least one (1) non-management classified representative from each of the following (5) classifications: 

(A) Maintenance and operation 

(B) Transportation 

(C) Food Service 

(D) Secretary and clerk 

(E) Aides and paraprofessionals

All other job classifications of classified employees not identified in the five (5) classifications may be grouped together and added as an at-large classification and shall have at least one (1) non-management classified representative on the committee on classified personnel policies. There shall be no more than three (3) classified employee administrators on the committee, one (1) of whom may be the superintendent of schools. The classified employee administrators on the committee shall be appointed by the school board or its designee. Personnel policies of concern to the classified personnel policies committee shall include, but are not limited to, the following terms and conditions of employment: 

(1) Salary schedule, fringe benefits, and other compensation issues 

(2) Annual school calendar, including work days and holidays 

(3) Evaluation procedures 

(4) Leave 

(5) Grievance procedures 

(6) Termination, nonrenewal, or suspension 

(7) Reduction in force 

(8) Assignments 

Additional details can be found in Arkansas Annotated Codes 6-17-2301, 6-17-2302, and 6-17-2303.