Construction Update - Week of June 25
Lauren Goins
Monday, June 25, 2018

Here is what's happening now at the high school construction site:

  • - Metal building at gym is fully erected with roof sheeting.
  • - Precast bleacher erection at gym will start this week.
  • - All first and second floor concrete in the classrooms is completed.
  • - Roof at dining and agri - building will begin this week.
  • - Block work through the building is taking place.
  • - Second-floor concourse area at the gym will complete once precast is set.
  • - All structural steel in the gym area completed this week.
  • - Ductwork, sprinkler piping, plumbing piping and electrical rough-in is continuing throughout the building on the first and second floor.
  • - Fireproofing at second floor is in progress.
High School Construction Picture

Here is what's happening now at the East End Middle School construction site:

  • - All concrete slabs for first floor are in place.
  • - Electrical and plumbing rough in will continue with block work as it goes up.
  • - Block for gridlines 1-5 on first floor is in place. They are continuing to work north.
  • - Joist and decking to support second floor will be onsite at the end of this week.
  • - Stairs for gridline 1 will be onsite by end of the week.
  • - Will start pouring concrete at second floor in early July.
  • - The 7,800 ft water line is in progress.
EMS Construction Pic