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Sheridan High School students improved this year in multiple categories on their end-of-year Advanced Placement exams, including total tests taken and total qualifying AP scores. Sheridan also experienced growth in number of students recognized as AP Scholars, AP Scholars with Honor, or AP Scholars with Distinction. Additionally, SHS students beat state averages in 13 AP courses and beat global averages in eight AP courses.

During May 2023, SHS students took a total of 523 AP exams testing content knowledge and skills gained in each of their AP courses. That figure is up from the 486 tests taken the previous year by Sheridan students.

Each qualifying score of 3, 4, or 5 equates to earned college credit, tuition savings, and proof of a student’s ability to handle college-level coursework. In recent years, SHS has expanded its offerings to a total of 20 AP courses, making it one of the local leaders in the number of AP courses available. Results from the May exams were recently released, and Sheridan students had 266 qualifying scores, up from 223 the previous year.

College Board also announced a total of 58 AP Scholar Awards at all levels have been granted to students at Sheridan High School, based on their performance on this year’s exams. That is an increase from last year’s 51 Scholar Awards at SHS. 

Eleven SHS students qualified for the AP Scholar with Distinction award, the highest award given, with an average score of 3.74.  To receive this recognition, a student must receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken during his/her high school career, as well as score 3 or higher on at least five exams. This year’s AP Scholars with Distinction are Grayson Allen, John Eckert, Silas Goodman, Kaitlyn Horton, Joel Petty, Lainey Ray, Cole Sullivan, Natalie Szeflinski, Joanna Wise, Kayla Yin, and Daphne Zuniga. 

Five SHS students were awarded AP Scholar with Honors awards and had an average score of 3.71, which far exceeds this award’s required score. Students are granted this award for receiving an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken during their high school careers, as well as scoring 3 or higher on at least four exams.  This year’s AP Scholars with Honor are Lanie Day, Joshua Harvison, Joanna Loretz, Daycen Porter, and Jonathon Sessions. 

A total of 42 SHS students earned the AP Scholar award, which is awarded to students who received scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams taken during their high school careers.  These students are Sophia Allen, Thatcher Allen, Payton Bohler, Lillian Bowen, Brady Buchanan, Nicholas Cacciatori, Caroline Dawson, Nathaniel Deckelman, Jackson Dowler, Hunter Fernandez, Patrick Gentry, Miranda Gillette, Egan Gunter, Josh Handloser, Kai Herring, Kalie Howard, Olivia Jablonski, Ainsley Kendall, Keely Lafferty, Courtney Mayberry, Devon McIlwain, Micah Mooney, Harrison Moss, Graycee Owens, Jenna Parks, Ashley Pennington, Alexander Pham, Vivian Phillips, Riley Raymick, Cade Reed, Kelsey Rieman, Jackson Riley, Chloe Robinson, Brooklyn Rowe, Audrianna Ruiz, Erin Summit, Kelli Taylor, Shoshiana Vang, Laney Wallingsford, Noah Weeks, Avery Williams, and Jonah Williams. 

Summer Williams, the gifted-talented and AP coordinator for the Sheridan School District said she was pleased with the efforts of the SHS students and teachers. “Congratulations to these AP Scholars and their teachers for their hard work and well-deserved accomplishment,” Williams said.