SSD Parents:

This message is being sent to families to dispel rumors and to provide clarification on the purpose of the form included on page 175 of the SSD Student Handbook.

This form has been included in the student handbook as a result of Act 552 that was passed by the Arkansas General Assembly in 2021. It has NOT been included as a result of the Sheridan School District’s intent to change its curriculum or to add curriculum/instruction that relates to the items addressed in the law. Per Act 552 of 2021, all public schools are now required to notify parents of their right to inspect materials related to the items identified under the law, and their right to notify the school district in writing if they do not want their student to participate in any of the curriculum referenced under the law. 

Again, all public schools are required to notify parents of these rights. This form does not need to be completed unless it becomes applicable to the student. Traditionally, curriculum content that could be considered as containing information relating to sex education would be included during health class, which occurs in grades 7-9. To help you feel at ease, you can find the Table of Contents of the Student Guides for health class in grades 7-9 at the following link on our website at The link also includes a document with the key skills that align with each lesson in the Student Study Guides.

For further clarification, please read Act 552 of 2021, which is available here: