Sheridan School District schools, just like many others across the nation, have recently been targeted by students attempting “TikTok” social media challenges. This includes one of the latest, which prompts students to vandalize schools and steal property. We recognize that only a small number of students are involved, but it has become disruptive for many of our other students in their pursuit of a quality education. 

In the past three weeks, SSD has experienced about $1,750 in increased supply costs, in addition to substantial costs due to damage in bathrooms and other school property. Soap, paper towel and toilet paper dispensers have been stolen, and toilets have been purposely clogged, among other destructive actions. Recently, parking lot light poles and a school vehicle used for Driver’s Education were spray-painted. The total cost of damages to the district has been substantial. In addition to the monetary loss, these actions also have created additional work for the district’s resource officers, teachers and custodial staff. These actions must be stopped, and the SSD has stepped up security and monitoring measures in response.

 According to the current Student Handbook, the first rule listed under the heading “Expected Student Behavior” is “Students are not to destroy or take student or school property. Student may be required to pay for damages.”

Students who are caught vandalizing or stealing school property will be held accountable and will face school disciplinary action up to expulsion, depending on the severity of the conduct violation. In more extreme circumstances, law enforcement personnel will be asked to get involved. Compensation for monetary damages will also be expected from students involved and/or their parents.

According to the Student Handbook, the Sheridan School District has a responsibility to protect the health, safety and welfare of the district’s students and employees. That also includes a charge to be good stewards of, and to protect, the district’s resources. While only a few students are demonstrating the destructive behavior, it is affecting the learning environment for many.

The Sheridan School District appreciates parents taking time to discuss this issue with their own children. By bringing greater awareness to the situation and making sure students understand the potential consequences, we hope these harmful actions will end.