Due to a sharp rise in COVID cases and quarantined students and faculty, the Sheridan School District will utilize alternative methods of instruction (AMI) Jan. 11-14. Learning will be virtual during this time. School was already scheduled to be closed on Monday, Jan. 17, so students and faculty will return to campus on Tuesday, Jan. 18.  Students and parents should refer to the following link for school-specific AMI plans. Y22 SSD AMI Student Assignment Info. - Google Docs (core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com)

All Sheridan athletic events beginning Monday, Jan. 10, have been postponed. Rescheduled dates will be announced as soon as possible. Games will not begin before Tuesday, Jan. 18. All scheduled practices are cancelled at this time and will be resumed upon further notice.

SSD is pleased to provide free school meals for our virtual or quarantined students.  Participating students will be able to pick up breakfast and lunch for this Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, as the district participates in AMI days for the remainder of the week. For information and to register for meal pick-up, please click on the following link.  Virtual/Quarantine Student Meal Order Form 2022 (google.com)