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The Winston Clinic in Sheridan, which has provided medical services for the Jacket Health and Wellness Center since it opened in 2021, recently joined Mainline Health Systems. Dr. Scott Winston said that he and his staff are excited about the transfer of the local school-based clinic to the operations of Mainline.

“Mainline Health currently operates 11 school-based clinics in Southeast Arkansas, and Jacket Health and Wellness will be an awesome addition to their operation,” Dr. Winston said. “Mainline Health Systems is proud to become a part of our community.”

Ryane Sorey, Jacket Health and Wellness coordinator, said, “We look forward to our continued working relationship with the same great medical professionals from the Winston Clinic, which is now part of Mainline Health Systems. Our patients at the Jacket Health and Wellness Center are continuing to receive the same outstanding service from the same people they’ve come to know and trust.”