SHS debate team

The Sheridan High School debate team won the sweepstakes first place at the Cabot Classic debate tournament on Monday, Jan. 23. First place was determined based on total points. There were 26 schools in attendance and 533 total competitors in eight debate events/divisions. Sheridan had 26 students participate. All Sheridan students are in their first year of debate and were at their first tournament ever, yet they beat all other teams (novice and varsity).

Below is a list of individual winners for Sheridan.

Novice Lincoln-Douglas 3rd place (received trophies): Lucy Buie and Dax Moss.

Novice Lincoln-Douglas 4th place (received plaques): Payton Bohler and Corri Langley.

Novice Lincoln-Douglas 5th place (received medals): Baylee Jo Allison and Randal Gaddy.

Novice Lincoln-Douglas 6th place (received medals): Lilly George, Cade Lazenby and Jade Lee.

Novice Lincoln-Douglas 2nd place Speaker (received trophy): Baylee Jo Allison.

Novice Lincoln-Douglas 3rd place Speaker (received trophy): Lucy Buie.

Received 30 Speaker points on at least one round (highest amount possible): Randal Gaddy.

Received within 29-30 Speaker points range on at least one round (top-tier debaters): Lucy Buie, Dax Moss, Payton Bohler, Corri Langley, Baylee Allison, Randal Gaddy, Lilly George, Jade Lee, Braxton Fox, Emma Gregory, Nathan Abbett, Aiden Turley, Jax Young and Lauren Appleget.