bus routes graphic

The Sheridan School District has released its school bus routes for the 2022-23 school year.  Please review the bus numbers and routes listed here as there have been a few changes to routes and bus numbers. (Please note that routes are still subject to change after school begins.)

The SSD Transportation Department will utilize the district’s app to communicate important information concerning your child’s bus route.  Please make sure you have signed up to receive these important communications concerning your child’s bus.  In order to sign up, please visit the district’s website and click on Menu, then click on Parents, then click on bus information.  Look for the heading Text Messaging and follow the instructions to sign up for messages from the Transportation Department.  If your child’s bus number has changed, you will need to follow the directions above to resubmit a text messaging request for your child.  It is very important that your school has the correct bus number for your child. 

Children will be assigned one bus.  If your child will need an alternate way to or from school, you will be responsible for their transportation.

Again, please review the information listed here for your bus.  If you have any questions concerning these changes, or if you’re not sure of your bus or time, please call Rhonda Harris at the Transportation Office at 870-942-5522 or contact by email at rhondaharris@sheridanschools.org.  You may also go to the district’s website at www.sheridanschools.org, click on the Parents tab, then click on Bus Routes for a list of buses and routes.