Thank you to the East End and Sheridan communities for joining together to make a dream become a reality -- our students are now walking the halls of East End Middle School.  The excitement during the ribbon cutting was contagious, and I know it will translate into the support necessary to see our students excel academically, athletically, and personally.  This support is about going back to the basics. Often we see our students physically growing and think they need us less, but they actually need us MORE.  

They need your time, they need your guidance, and they need your support.  The basics are: make certain your child reads 30 minutes every day (yes, this includes weekends), has a quiet set space to complete homework, gets a full eight hours of sleep (at least), and attends school every day. You can stay engaged in your child’s education throughout the year by regularly reviewing HAC accounts and communicating with teachers. There is no need to wait until parent/teacher conferences. Additionally, in this digital age, it is important for you to help us stress Internet safety and responsibility with your child.

Knowing each of you leads busy lives, we are initiating Data Thursdays.  Each Thursday students will work with an advisory teacher to log into HAC and document their current grades.  We ask you to please take a moment to review their weekly progress and initial. Our focus for each student is GROWTH. By going back to the basics we will form the team students need to EXCEL and be prepared to one day compete in a global market.


Excellence does not come from 
the BIG things we do.  
Excellence comes from 
the little things we do CONSISTENTLY every day.