Twenty-three Sheridan High School students performed in the Southeast All-Region Choir Clinic and Concert, which was held at Drew Central / University of Arkansas at Monticello on Nov. 7. These talented students were selected for this prestigious honor through a competitive process of auditions that took place Oct. 17. Additionally, 18 students qualified to advance to All-State auditions to be held Feb. 6, 2016.

Results for the SHS choir are as follows:

Soprano I

Stormy Donham – 1st chair*

Erica Hale – 3rd chair*

Kelsey Weymouth – 7th chair*

Amber Goudy – 10 chair*

Lynzie Fisher – 16th chair

Kayla Pitt – 17th chair

Soprano II

Kaya Christman – 7th chair*

Kera McCain – 10th chair*

Rachel Smith – 11th chair*

Alto I

Samantha Craig – 1st chair*

Morgan Culp – 2nd chair*

Nicole Paul – 3rd chair*

Bella Hopkins – 4th chair*

Malayna Lesher – 7th chair*

Heaven Casey – 17th chair

Bailee Hutcheson – 18th chair

Alto II

Cassie Clement – 3rd chair*

Tessa Irvin – 7th chair*

Heather Young –

Tenor I

Casey Shaw – 3rd chair*

Ryan Heer – 6th chair*

Bass I

Brennan Lowery – 1st chair*

Jonathon Jodoin – 3rd chair*

* Qualified to advance to All-State auditions.